Make-up Mirrors

175mm x3 Magnification Makeup Mirror with LED Light

– Ideal makeup and shaving mirror

– Can be Portable

– Takes 4 x AAA batteries (Not included)

– Normally $80.00


Price: $60.00

Freestyle Mirrors Gift Vouchers

– Easy and convenient

– Let your Friends & family choose what they want!


Price: $0.00

185mm Magnigetic Mirror (3 in 1)

– Detachable and handheld mirror

– x5 Magnification

– Can be fixed to the wall

– NEW!!!

Price: $170.00

190mm LED Battery Make-Up Mirror

– Dual sided, x5 magnification and standard mirror

– Battery included



Price: $215.00

200mm LED Battery Make-Up Mirror

– Dual sided x5 magnification

– Battery (included) LED light

– NEW!!!

Price: $230.00

LED Light x3 makeup mirror

Brass Construction

3 point pin plug

Can be hard wired by Electrician


Price: $270.00

x3 Frosted edge makeup mirror 205mm

– Brass construction with chrome seamless finish

– Adjustable angle arms



Price: $170.00