In addition to selecting Freestyle’s Modern and Ornate mirror range, Brad Crocker has spent more than 15 years building his collection of unique Stainless Steel Mirrors. Based in Christchurch, Brads approach is with passion and precision for each of the mirrors designed and hand made for all his customers.  Brad is forever continuing to look to new areas to enhance and create designs that are not only contemporary but unique. This is something he enjoys sharing with his customers to insure that they are getting a creation that is unique to them.
Brad is an individual when it comes to his approach. “Freestyle” meaning  separate and individual style and this is exactly what Freestyle Mirrors is about. Not to mention the high quality workmanship he sees as a must for continual growth and personal achievement.
Supplying the New Zealand market,  Brad has met many customers during his journey and each of them just like the Stainless Steel mirrors he has designed, are a very important part of what Freestyle is about. It is the positive feedback that continually drives him to create new designs adding to an already extensive range within his base selection. Looking to supply the high end of the New Zealand mirror market and taking a slice of New Zealand off shore for the world to share. Positive feedback and word of mouth from customers who have one of Brads mirrors in their environment has lead to the creation of a totally New Zealand owned business “FREESTYLE MIRRORS”.